Online Skills Development: Basic Quantitative Research Methods, Data Analysis and Report Writing


Participants: 34 (BRAC International Participants from Different Country) | Duration: 06 Days
Date: 16-21 August, 2020
- Abdul Awal, Research Associate, BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University;
- Srizan Chowdhury, research Assistant, BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University;
- Md. Uzzal Chowdhury, Senior Statistician, BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University;
- Dr Md. Tanvir Hasan, Associate Professor, BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University;
- Mir Raihanul Islam, Senior Research Associate, BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University;
- Dr Malay Kanti Mridha, Professor, BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University;
- Dr Shafiqur Rahman, Professor, ISRT, Dhaka University;
- Saifa Raz, Research Fellow, BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University.

Quantitative research, the most popular method of conducting research is defined as a systematic investigation of phenomena by gathering quantifiable data and performing statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques. Quantitative research is widely used in psychology, economics, demography, sociology, marketing, public health & human development. STATA is one of the most commonly used statistical software for data analysis of quantitative research which is used by academics, researchers & public health practitioners and many others. It is a complete, integrated software package which provides everything that data science needs, including data management, visualization, statistics and automated reporting.

This course is expected to provide participants with an introduction to quantitative research and will allow them to learn statistics using STATA. It is designed with a view to helping participants coming from different backgrounds to learn statistical computing and apply this knowledge in their respective fields

Organized by:
Centre for Professional Skills Development on Public Health (CPSD), BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University.