Master of Public Health (MPH) Programme

Since its inception, more than three hundred students with diverse academic backgrounds in the social sciences and medicine, representing 24 countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South Americas, and Europe have graduated from JPGSPH.

Starting in 2005, our MPH students have had the opportunity to share intellectual insight and create an international network with visiting students from Harvard University and the University of Nagasaki. From 2010 to 2013, a cohort of George Washington University students had participated in the first semester and jointly studied with our MPH students.

Graduating students have moved on to work for their respective governments, national and international NGOs and with various donor and UN agencies. Additionally, universities and research organizations have also employed a large number of our MPH graduates.

Why should you study at JPGSPH?

  • Experienced and Committed International Faculty: diverse and talented faculties from local and international institutions, who share a passion for teaching;
    • Faculty from Berlin, Heidelberg, Harvard & Stanford, Dundee University and RTI Virginia, Public Health Foundation of India,WHO, UNICEF and The World Bank DC.
  • 74 global & local partnerships: partnership with other internationally recognized schools of public health in both developed and developing countries, that enables access to the rich academic resources of the collaborating institutions as well as exposure to the global health agenda.

  • Innovative pedagogic methods- through problem-solving, case-study & community, based experiential learning, BRAC,ICDDR,B government and other NGO sites.

  • A Global Classroom: students from all over the world with public health experience, diverse discipline and professional backgrounds that offers better learning experience.

  • Social Laboratory: Location in a developing country that provides an ideal social laboratory for public health teaching and learning.
  • Lower Cost: High quality international MPH Programme at comparatively lower cost.

  • International Career: Extensive national and international partnerships that allows students for further learning and international career development. 

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