Starting with a small nucleus recruited from within the BRAC organisation, the faculty is now growing through recruiting more from among the School's own graduates. With the School gaining popularity, there is also some interest among non-resident Bangladeshis to return. To overcome staff shortage and to bring diversity, adjunct faculty from partner institutions have been engaged who also train BRAC's own faculty in innovative teaching practices. 


Masters of Public Health Programme (MPH)

Dr. Sabina Faiz RASHID, Dean & Professor; Director of CGSRHR, and CUEH 

Dr. Malabika SARKERProfessor & Research Director; Director of SISU

Prof. Syed Masud AHMED, Professor & Director, CoE-UHC

Malay Kanti MRIDHA , Associate Professor  

Dr. Ilias MAHMUD, Assistant Professor (On Leave)

Dr. Taufique JOARDER, Assistant Professor 

Md. Tanvir HASANAssistant Professor

Dr. Nasima SELIM, Senior Lecturer (On Leave)

Dr. Nadira SULTANA, Lecturer III (On Leave) 

Fatema Binte RASUL, Lecturer II   

Faculty from other organisations

Dr. Abbas BHUIYA , Professor

Dr. Richard CASH, Professor

Dr. Shams El ARIFEEN, Professor

Dr. Tahmeed AHMED,  Professor

Dr. Alayne ADAMS, Professor

Dr. Kaosar AFSANA, Professor

Dr. Shaikh A. Shahed HOSSAIN, Professor

Dr. Akramul ISLAM, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Quamrun NAHAR, Associate Professor

Dr. Jahangir KHANAdjunct Professor

Dr. Kazi Mizanur RAHMAN, Assistant Professor

Dr. Stephen P LUBY, Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Aftab Uddin, Adjunct Faculty

Dr. H.M. Mahbub LATIF, Adjunct Faculty

Andrew JENKINS, Adjunct Faculty

Emily GURLEY, Adjunct Faculty

Lal Rawal, Adjunct Faculty  

Dr. Mahfuza RIFATAdjunct Faculty  

Md. Koushik AHMED, Sr. Coordinator  

Md. Saiful Islam SARKER , Coordinator, MPH Administration & logistics

Md. Humayun KABIR, Programme Officer

Administration and finance

Muhammad Jakir HOSSAIN, Deputy Director, Finance 

Md. Mamunur RASHID, Manager, Finance

Md. Abul Kalam AZAD, Deputy Manager, Finance

Sadia RAHMANSr. Accounts Officer

Fatema SULTANA, Accounts Officer

Fatema RAZMIN, Assistant Manager, Human Resource

Tasnuva TARANNUM, Human Resource Officer (On Maternity Leave)

Nusrat Jahan CHOWDHURY, Human Resource Officer

Md. Sohel RANA MS, Sr. Administrative Officer

Rumin AKTER, Logistic Officer


Anushka Mehreen ZAFAR, Communications and Knowledge Manager

Mukul BARMAN, Sr. Communications Officer

GSK Project

Md. Towhid KHAN, Coordinator

Centre of Science of Implementation and Scale up 

A.S.M SHAHABUDDIN , Assistant Scientist  

Dr. Yameen MAZUMDER, Sr. Project Specialist (part time)

Ms. Ipsita SUTRADHAR, Research Associate

Dr. Mehedi HASAN, Research Associate

Rajat Das GUPTA , Research Associate 

Arifur Rahman APU , Sr. Research Assistant

Share-Net project

Shahana SIDDIQUIProgram Coordinator (On study leave) 

Gazi Sakir Mohammad PRITOM, Research Associate

Nadia FARNAZ, Research Associate

Centre for Professional Skills Development on Public Health (CPSD)

Dr. Golam Enamul Hasib CHOWDHURY, Coordinator (Part-time)

Dr. Punam GANGULYSr. Research Associate 

Md. Munirul ISLAMProject Officer 

Centre of Excellence for Universal Health Coverage: (UHC)

Nadia Ishrat ALAMGIRSr. Research Fellow

Kuhel Faizul ISLAM , Coordinator 

Nahitun NAHERResearch Fellow

Muhammad Shaikh HASSAN, Senior Research Associate 

Roksana HOQUE, Senior Research Associate 

Md. Showkat GANI, Senior Associate, Research  

Recognizing Choice & Consent (RCC)

Tahrima MRIDHA, Deputy Project Coordinator 

NGPHEP-USAID Funded Project

Khadija LEENA , Project Coordinator,USAID's Next Generation of Public Health Experts Project (NGPHEP) (On study leave)

REACHOUT project

Dr. Farzana ISLAMAssistant Scientist

Irin AKHTER, Sr. Field Coordinator

Sushama KANAN, Research Associate 

Ms. Tahmina AFROZ, Research Associate (On Maternity Leave)

Sumona SIDDIQUA, Senior Research Assistant

Tamanna MAJIDSenior Research Assistant

Muhammad Riaz HOSSAINSenior Research Assistant 

Sifati TAMANNA, Sr.Research Assistant

Raafat HASSAN, Sr.Research Assistant

Productivity Differential in Absence of Profit (PEDL)

Mushfiqur RAHMAN, Research Assistant

Jony Barnard MACKFIELD,Field Coordinator


Mehadi HASANResearch Associate

Dengue project

Zabir HASAN, Senior Research Associate (On study leave)

WOTRO- Digital Sister project

Bachera AKTARCoordinator

Anindya DASResearch Associate

Pushpita RAY, Sr.Research Assistant

Sharid Bin SHAFIQUE, Research Assistant

C4D project

Shaila NAZNEEN , Senior Research Associate

Priyanka GAYEN BDS, MPH, Senior Research Associate

Rahmatul BARI, Assistant Project Coordinator  

GFATM-TB (Research) Project

Mrittika BARUASr. Research Associate ( On Study Leave) 

Early Child Marriage (ECM)

Dr. Julie EVANS,  Co-Principal Investigator  

Syeda Seama MOWRI, Sr. Coordinator

Subas Chandra BISWASResearch Fellow

Raia AZMISr. Research Associate

Sairana AHSANSr. Research Associate

Mamun Ur RASHIDLegal Research & Communications Associate

Aneeka Nawar FATEMA, Research Associate

Rafia SULTANA, Sr.Research Assistant


Dr. Atonu RABBANI, Associate Scientist

Shafayet HOSSAIN, Assistant Project Coordinator 

Breaking the Shame (NWO-WOTRO)

Suborna CAMELLIAPhD Researcher (On study leave)

Jhalok Ranjan TALUKDAR, Senior Research Associate (On study leave)

Saad Adnan KHAN, Sr. Research Associate

Farhana Alam BHUIYAN, Deputy Project Coordinator

Md. Tanveer HASSAN, Research Associate

Syeda Farjana AHMED, Research Assistant

NWO-WOTRO Psychodrama Project

Afzal AFTAB, Coordinator

Puspita HOSSAIN, Research Associate 

Ashfique RIZWAN, Sr. Research Assistant

Adbul JABBAR, Sr. Research Assistant

Syeda Tahmina AHMED, Research Assistant 

Rafee Muhammad TAMJID, Research Assistant 

Md. Ashraful ALAM, Sr. Field Coordinator

NEEP Study

Sayema AKTER, Sr. Research Assistant

NUFFIC project

Tasfiyah JALIL Coordinator

Md. Mikhail I. ISLAM, Strategy & Management Advisor (Part Time)

Zinc Study Project  

Md. Rabiul ISLAMSr. Field Coordinator

Md. Mokbul HOSSAIN, Sr. Statistician 

WHO workload Analysis  

Samiun Nazrin Bente Kamal TUNE, Senior Research Associate

Md. Taqbir Us Samad TALHA, Senior Research Assistant 


Muhammed Nazmul ISLAM, Sr. Research Associate

Midwifery Education Program 

Selina AMIN, Head, Midwifery Education Programme and Project Director 

Dr. Sharmina RAHMAN, Strategy Advisor 

Kalpana ROY, Team Leader

K.M ZAHIDUZZAMAN MSS, Operations Manager

Muhammad Tariqul ISLAM, Finance Manager

Amiruzzaman, Communications Specialist

Md. Jahangir ALOMFinance Officer

Bilkis ARA, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Kazi Mohammad Abu YUSUFAdmin cum Procurement Officer 

Priti Elizabeth HALSONA, Monitoring & Documentation Officer

Rifat SANGIDAHR/ Student Affairs Officer

Sandra Rumi MADHU, Sr. Instructor, Midwifery Education

Marina JARIN, Sr. Instructor, Midwifery Education

Rokeya Akter BRISTY , Sr. Instructor, Midwifery Education 

Fatema Tues Johura LOPA,  Sr. Instructor, Midwifery Education 

Ruma KHATUN,  Sr. Instructor, Midwifery Education  

Fatematuz-ZOHRA Sr. Instructor, Midwifery Education

Azmira BEGUMProject Manager 

Md. Rezaul ISLAMAdmin and Finance Officer

Mosammath Shirin SULTANAHostel Manager   

Amena KHATUNFaculty 

Ms. Jannatul Ferdoues MITUInstructor  

Shuli AKTER, Faculty

Ms. Amena AKTERJunior Faculty  

Misrat ZAMAN, Junior Faculty

Mst. Sharmin Sultana TITHI , Junior Faculty

Md. Rafiul ISLAMAdministrative Assistant

Humaeun KOBIRSupport Stuff