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Dr. Tahmeed Ahmed is a Senior Scientist and Director of the Centre for Nutrition and Food Security, icddr,b. He is a Professor of Public Health Nutrition at James P. Grant School of Public Health and an honorary Professor at the School of Population Health, University of Queensland. He is a clinician with a PhD and for the last 29 years has been working on the treatment of and public health measures for undernutrition, childhood tuberculosis, and diarrheal diseases. He developed a treatment protocol for management of children with severe malnutrition and diarrheal diseases, the implementation of which resulted in a 50 percent reduction in case fatality among children admitted to the hospital with severe acute malnutrition. He was a member of the writing team for the Lancet series on maternal and child under nutrition published in 2008 and also in 2013. He completed the large multi-country project known as Mainstreaming Nutrition Initiative. Dr Ahmed also led the community-based project on diagnosis and treatment of children with TB under which 153,000 children in two rural sub-districts of Bangladesh were screened for TB. Currently he is the Bangladesh site principal investigator of the Gates Foundation supported multi-country Malnutrition-Enteric Diseases (MAL-ED) Project. This study is investigating the association between malnutrition, enteric diseases and cognitive development. It will also determine the role of microbiota and microbiome in malnutrition and how they impact on treatment outcomes. Dr Ahmed has recently developed ready-to-use foods from locally available food ingredients for preventing and treating severe acute malnutrition in children. He is the Chair of the sub-committee formed by the Government of Bangladesh to formulate the National Nutrition Policy of Bangladesh. He works closely with WHO, UNICEF and the International Atomic Energy Agency in research and training on nutrition. A prolific author, he more than 140 papers published in international journals and books. Dr Ahmed is the President of the Commonwealth Association for Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (CAPGAN), an association of professionals from the 54 Commonwealth nations.