MPH students visit old homes


The 9th batch MPH students had an opportunity on 27 August 2013 to visit home-based and institution-based care services for elderly as part of the ongoing module of Aging and Health in MPH program. The students first visited the Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine (BAAIGM) at Agargaon in Dhaka. Students received orientation on the elderly care provided in the old home by an adjacent health facility that provides certain tertiary health services to the aged. They visited different medical wards in the hospital and have candid discussions with some elderly persons residing in the old home.
The students also visited the project area of Sir William Beveridge Foundation – Bangladesh in Dhaka. They visited different households where there are care givers from this institution who offer elderly health services by staying with them during certain time of the day. The students got acquainted with the care givers to understand the health service provision and also the students interacted with some service recipients to understand their perspective about the services.