Health professional education: Situation Analysis

This research project (conducted from 2011-2014) was undertaken as a part of a cross-country assessment of health professional education situation in five countries of Asia: Bangladesh, China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. Drawing on the recommendations of the Lancet Commission report on educational reform for 21st century health professionals, preliminary assessment on three groups of professionals such as the doctors, nurses and public health practitioners were done. The preliminary findings were presented in the second global symposium in Beijing, China in October 2012. It was a multi-stakeholder initiative involving JPGSPH and RTM- International, a national non-government organisation (NGO) with an extended partnership with the government of Bangladesh through Directorate General Health Services and Ministry of Health &Family Welfare. The assessment in Bangladesh covered 23 medical schools, 27 nursing institutes and all 18 public health institutes in the country and involved in depth-interview and survey with national policymakers, academia and graduate students.

Partners/Donor: RTM International