CoE-UHC Highlights

Short Courses
CoE-UHC offers a variety of short courses namely, Introductory Course on Universal Health Coverage, Short Course on Health Care Financing and Short Course on Scientific Writing etc. The objective of these courses are to provide the participants with an understanding of basic concepts of universal health coverage (UHC), its components, theoretical framework and empirical investigations, and with an emphasis on low and middle income countries and to provide basic knowledge on scientific writing. So far the centre offered five introductory courses on UHC, two short courses on health care financing and two short courses on scientific writing in collaboration with Continuing Education Programme. Participants from different academic and professional backgrounds joined these courses.

Call for Proposal on Competitive Research Grants on Universal Health Coverage, Bangladesh
The main objective of this call is to encourage researchers in health and development field in generating a strong evidence base necessary to guide, support, and accelerate the ongoing efforts related to the three dimensions of UHC in the country. Measuring the progress of UHC activities including its monitoring and evaluation are some of the other objectives. Emphasis was given on proposals which are innovative, use ‘out-of-the box’ ideas that can be tested, and scaled up.

UHC day celebration
CoE-UHC had been celebrating UHC day on 12 December for two consecutive years in coalition with more than 700 organisations in 116 countries. In 2014, the Centre held daylong in-house discussions based programme. In 2015, the occasion was celebrated for two days. A rally was organised on 12 December, on the year’s theme “Health for All: Right. Smart. Overdue”. Participants carried placards bearing slogans which reflected this theme, including “Health for All is a right, not a privilege”, “Universal Health Coverage - every person, everywhere, has access to quality healthcare without financial hardship”, and “No one should go bankrupt when they get sick”.

To sensitise all JPGSPH staffs and partners about universal health coverage, the Centre arranged an in-house programme on the following day, 13 December. To celebrate the programme, different communication materials such as hanging banners, standing banners, posters bearing messages from universal health coverage day were prepared. Publications from the Centre were displayed for the participants to share and discuss CoE-UHC activities

Participation at oversees courses and workshops
CoE-UHC members participated in various overseas courses and workshops, namely: Asia Regional Flagship Course on Health System Strengthening and Sustainable Financing-held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 20-25 April, 2015.

The Challenge of Universal Health Coverage and Achieving Universal Health Coverage: Experience Sharing of Thai Case Study held in Bangkok, Thailand from 24-28 August, 2015.
Participation at these forums provided the Centre with opportunities to be involved in UHC related research and studies. It allowed a continuous opportunity for learning on best practices on UHC in Bangladesh, facilitating interaction with international experts and country colleagues by applying critical thinking elements.