The emerging role of Private sector Medical Assistants Training School: A situation assessment

This mixed method study funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) was conducted as an APW under the Directorate General of Health Services/ Health Manpower Development section of the Ministry of Health &Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh for a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of the medical assistant training schools in Bangladesh, with particular attention to the private sector institutions. JPGSPH worked as the implementation agent. A total of 30 medical assistant training institutes from the private sector and five from the public sector were purposively selected for this study which includes seven MATS (all private) located inside Dhaka and 28 (five public, 23 private) outside the capital city. The study evaluated the institutional governance, sources of financing; teachers’ recruitment; curriculum designing and delivery practices; quality assurance mechanism; and student recruitment policies. A survey of final year students of the respective institutes was also conducted to examine their general characteristics and perception and attitude on the training programme and career pathway.

Partners/Donor: WHO