Assessment of rural retention policies for HRH in Bangladesh

This WHO-funded research project is an extension of a five-country study which assessed the performance of health professional training institutions (medical, nursing and public health) and is a part of six partner countries in Asia. The study found a lack of policies, acts, rules and regulations, specifically targeted to the rural retention of HRH. The detailed findings and the recommendations made have been shared with policy makers working in the health sector in Bangladesh and donors, particularly WHO Bangladesh, to initiate dialogue for potential translation of evidence base to explore future rural retention policies in Bangladesh. These findings have also been shared at international forums including the AAAH regional meeting in Bangkok in June 2013, and Health System in Asia Conference in Singapore in December 2013. The CoE-UHC held a national level dissemination workshop to share findings and recommendations of this study during the first quarter of 2014.

Partners/Donor: WHO